Bay to Bay Off With A Bang!

The first race of the new year saw Itheko runners turn out in their numbers, with many runners attempting the Bay to Bay 30km for the first time.

The 30km route saw participants run from Camps Bay to Hout Bay and back to Camps Bay again. The long ascents and long descents on Victoria Road tested many a runner on the day but strong minds, grit and determination saw them all cross the line, despite the wobbly legs.

There was also quite a large Itheko presence for the 15km run which saw participants run from Hout Bay to Camps Bay, tackling the infamous Suikerbossie along the way.

Race results saw three Itheko runners place in the top 20 overall with Wanda Roro finishing third on his return to the club. Graham Katzen placed 12th overall and Siviwe Nkombi finished 18th.

Fortunate Chidzivo placed third in the women’s catergory.

A number of Itheko athletes also set personal bests in the race with Shaheem Hendricks, Neezaam Mohamed, Rholda and Ashraf Orrie, Ismail Mohamed, Thaabit Semaar and Francois Marais just a few of the members who clocked in under three hours.

Well done, though, to all the runners who completed both the 30km and 15km races. You’ve mastered one of the tougher races on the calendar.

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Runner’s Memorial sees out 2013

The Runner’s Memorial 8km run closed out the year that was 2013. This run pays special tribute to the runners who are no longer with us, with their names being read out before the start of the run.

The run started at the Mouille Point lighthouse and saw the runners cruise along the promenade on what turned out to be a glorious late afternoon run.

The run also saw a long-standing tradition being honoured as runners formed busses and eased on along the course on their way to closing out 2013.

Here’s to a successful 2014!

You can check out the Runner’s Memorial gallery here.

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Finishing off with a Sundowner

For many runners, the Sundowner 10km race is a final chance to put in a serious run before the festive season break kicks in.

As such, the race is always well supported and the 2013 edition was no exception. Itheko had a big turn out (no surprises there) with some familiar old club runners pitching up and some newer club members attempting their first 10km race.

The conditions, though, were quite tough, with the heat proving to be a major stumbling block for many. The mostly flat race may have been run close to the sea but there was very little sign of that cool, refreshing breeze to help the runners. Thankfully, there was plenty of water to keep the runners hydrated.

All in all, it was a great, well organised race and just what was needed to close out the year.

You can check out the Sundowner gallery here.

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Itheko welcomes in new Exco

Itheko on Sunday held its annual general meeting where club members also voted in a new executive committee.

The changing of the guard saw some familiar faces step down following their term on the committee while other members switched roles.

Mohamed Kajee was voted in as the president of the club with Achmat Jacobs as his deputy.

Speaking after the vote Kajee said: “I am humbled and delighted by my appointment as club president.

“My executive team and I are privileged to be tasked with having oversight over the next phase of growth that Itheko will undergo.

“Personally, I would like to see Itheko continuing to make an impact on our communities and attract more members who are prepared to make lifestyle changes.”

The rest of the committee was voted in as follows:

Athletic Development Commissioner – Farouk Meyer
Deputy Athletic Development Commissioner – Isgak Slamdien

Commercial Commissioner – Somaya du Toit
Deputy Commercial Commissioner – Shiehaam Darries

Administration Commissioner – Zarina Meyer Brewer
Deputy Administration Commissioner – Thabeta Hendricks

Lifestyle Commissioner – Razeen Davids
Deputy Lifestyle Commissioner – Salih Solomons

Social Commissioner – Ridwan Wagiet
Deputy Social Commissioner – Fatima van de Rheede

Disciplinary Committee – Muhammed Abduraouf, Jane Burnett, Fatima Jakoet and Jennifer Samsodien.

Congratulations to the newly elected executive committee. We wish you all the best in taking the club to new heights.

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‘If you believe it, you will achieve it’

Nawaaz Rakiep tackled the Mitchells Plain 21km race. She shares her experience and recalls all the emotion and support she had on her first half marathon.

Hi, I am Nawaaz Rakiep and I am 19 years old. On Saturday the 23rd of November I did my first half marathon. What an amazing experience it was. I woke up that morning excited as ever, I was not nervous at all… Read more…


Top Joint Health Supplements For Pain — Joint Pain Symptoms

The term joint pain is often used interchangeably for arthritis and no matter how contentious that may be; it is because the most common cause for joint pain is cartilage wear. Joint pain often comes about due to age, exertion or inflammatory conditions. There are various forms of arthritis but regardless of that, they exhibit the following symptoms;

Pain is the obvious sign of trouble in your joint and it might be mild or very excruciating. When joints ache, people rush to massage the area in the hope of reducing the pain but you should desist from that because it might aggravate the situation instead of helping it.

After pain, comes noticeable inflammation of the affected area as the body’s defenses rush to stop the pain. Sometimes the immune system is over active and there might be no infection but as the white blood cells get to the joints to ��defend’ the body, you will see obvious swelling around them.

It is easy to tell if someone is experiencing joint pain by looking at the skin. If it is visibly red or purple, the patient is in serious pain and needs something to reduce inflammation which stretches the skin causing visible color changes.

Arthritic joint pain is often characterized by stiffness which in turn makes moving about nearly impossible. Do not try to force mobility because this will make you feel more pain and cause more swelling. The best thing to do is try to reduce inflammation and when the pain subsides, you can do some stretching exercises to reduce stiffness.

Painful joints are very tender to the touch especially if accompanied by inflammation. Further disturbance of the affected part will aggravate the pain and you had better take some anti inflammatory medication to relieve the pain before trying to handle the joints.

If joint pain is because of torn ligaments, you might feel like the affected part is giving way. This is a severe symptom of joint pain which should receive emergency attention before the affected part is totally damaged.

An obvious symptom of joint pain in athletes is reduced performance in the field of play. The individual will be slack and tire easily because of pain caused by the least movement. It is best to have the cause of pain treated before returning to rigorous exercise so you can avoid surgery or irreversible damage to your joints.

It is important to act on these joint pain symptoms as soon as they occur to avoid becoming part of the statistics which indicate that joint pain is a major cause of disability. The lack of motion due to pain in the joints might cause you more problems like obesity, depression and put you at high risk of heart disease. Studies indicate that often, joint pain is the result of your lifestyle and for this reason; people need to eat well and engage in proper exercise to strengthen their joints and facilitate development of cartilage. If the pain in your joints fails to go away after trying to remedy it at home, it is wise to see the doctor for proper diagnosis.